ART and LIFE and LOVE and STUFF - travelling extends me but my art is on hold and trapped in my head

I love love travelling! It changes you every time! New experiences, new people, sights, sounds......temperatures!! All come together to excite me and encourage me on this new journey I am undertaking. However, down-side...... nowhere to work!! Art is my life-line and when I'm not physically painting, I'm painting in my head. Needless to say, my head is full and there is nowhere to translate these thoughts onto paper. I am building up a store-room of works that really need to come out......soon or I will explode I swear!

I'm in London at the moment and my god its cold for this Kiwi girl! Staying with my daughter and now my sister and her family is so great and I really feel home here. London is possibly my most favourite city ever.....whenever I arrive at Heathrow after the terrible 27 hour flight, my spirit is always lifted....I'm back! I choose at this point in my life to live this rather nomadic lifestyle. I travel every 6 months to London then onto The Netherlands where I am able to use a studio. So the end of next week I am back in the Netherlands and can put my thoughts onto canvas!

This lifestyle obviously cant last forever; this coming and going, not putting down roots for too long......or can it.......maybe the gypsy life is for me.......we will see.

Love Lisa xx

Oxley Park - a fabulous 3 hour walk with my sister in the woods - very english - very un-New Zealand!

(btw - new nephew (5), just told me they look like old man glasses.......damn I was quite liking them before that...:(

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