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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Today I finished my 'Pacific' artwork - originally named 'What the water gave me'. I really felt I needed to change the name - it wasn't sitting right for me. Paying homage to the beautiful Pacific Ocean that surrounds New Zealand is more what this piece is about. While living in my home away from home in The Netherlands, I often have the intense desire to view water.....just to sit and look and absorb its rhythms, its sounds and enjoy the calming affect it has on me. I presume coming from New Zealand and having easy access to the ocean has had an affect on me both consciously and unconsciously. Even my sister/best friend/most amazing woman ever (!), who has lived in the UK for 17 years, also still to this day has the need to just view water.

On the subject of the are booked and I'm off again to London at the end of December. I will catch up with family and once again enjoy fabulous London! Then it's off to The Netherlands for 3 months - to the country I love (etc....more about that later ). Working from The Netherlands is always such a delight - my work develops and progresses in a way it doesn't seem to be able to in New Zealand. It will be cold........apparently I need a jacket!!!

The Netherlands is such an interesting country full of history and innovation - my happy place!

London also has a big impact on me. What a fantastic city it is! And of course, the pull of family is strong!!! These two places I love the most - my heart is in the northern hemisphere..... although that Pacific Ocean......ahhhh that Pacific Ocean!!!... But then theres the Tate Modern......yessssss cant wait to get back and view those Rothko's!!!!

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