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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Moving out of the red phase...for the moment anyway! Whenever I'm away overseas, whether it be in England, The Netherlands or even somewhere else, I always feel the need to see water at some point during the day/week. Even if it's just a man-made lake in a park, the sea, a river, whatever. It has a calming affect on me and helps me breathe!! As they say...."if you want to heal, find water and stars". Maybe its because I have grown up in New Zealand and we are never far from the beautiful Pacific Ocean; whatever it is, it is imprinted on my very being.....

Heres a few of what I have now realised is 100's of water photos collected over the past couple of years! Some are from an old life, some from my travels, some from my new life. All this water is influencing my new work. It's in its early stages......much more to go. Its called "What The Water Gave Me", and yes, it is from lyrics from Ceremonials - Florence + The Machine.

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