Art and Life and Love and Stuff - Emotion and Unconscious Reality

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Working on this rather over-the-top piece..... The collision of emotions - the intercepting, the over-lapping, the revealing and the veiling. I am endeavouring to express all at once. I guess this is the way I am feeling at the moment as I move through my days......feelings surfacing then regressing - life!!!

The Vienna Secession is really important to my practice because it gives me validation and enables me to give equal standing to both the pure painterly aspect of any piece and the hand-stitched component. I wish that my stitching would cause my viewer to take time to study my work - to get a sense of the slowness; the mediative aspect of this part of my process. To effectively express the tension of different emotions laid and to feel the presence of unconsciousness in my work - this is my mission.

By the way, today is raining so hard and I can't get out and do a wander to the beach to breathe.... like a caged lion! I will settle myself and my thoughts into stitching and see where I go. I am starting yet another red absorbed with this colour at the moment I even bought myself a new red lipstick...

Its just so sexy red lipstick - unfortunately with blue eyes it doesn't work so much..... but hey no-one is around to see so I'll just wear it while I work and channel my inner diva!!

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