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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Sitting cross-legged and stitching is generally my absolute happy place. It's the resolution stage of my work and its always exciting to see how a piece will finish up. know those days when its quiet on the outside and raging within....hellooooo! All those crazy thoughts on whether you are doing the right thing, second guessing yourself, second guessing everything......this really is not helpful!!! At times like this, I need fresh air and music to clear out those wicked cobwebs!!

The piece you see me working on here is part of a new series of investigations. I am endeavouring to get a myriad of thoughts and emotions on one piece, at once. Not just the happy, not just the sad, not even the loved-up or the angry, but everything together. Emotions that interrupt each other, run together, stand alone, those that are sweet and pure and those that are dark and, well, a bit wicked. This thought process is draining and exposing but I find I have to work this way - to express my own very being is what my practice is all about.

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