ART and LIFE and LOVE and STUFF - the quiet contemplation

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

As I sit on an early Sunday morning stitching in the sunshine, I pause and clear out all the shit in my head and think, wow I have come far on this journey to find freedom, love, life...... I am so grateful for the quiet times when I lose myself in my stitching process and am made to pause. When nothing else can be heard but the sound of thread being pulled through paper in this trance-like, meditative part of my process.

My stitching is definitely my chance to be silent and listen. Sometimes of course, all sorts of dark, ugly memories can arise, but I embrace these.....the times that were hard, the times that I didn't know how I could get through, are the very times that have made me what I am today. And of course, in those quiet moments, hope arises. Hope for my future - hope for the dream of being free, being authentic, being these quiet times, this pushes up from my unconsciousness and shines brightly above all else.

This little piece, full of interruptions, interceptions, free open, out-there emotions, closed off, don't even go there, emotions! This study I will take with me I think to Europe to begin some larger works....... Unless of course one of you lovelies reading this would like to RED STICKER IT!!!!😻

Take care lovely people - heres to us all - a bright future and a full and happy life.

Love Lisa xx

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