ART and LIFE and LOVE and STUFF - stepping into the great beyond.....

Today is the day I have been waiting for, for the last 6 months.....back to Europe I go. For reasons I kinda get and kinda don't, Europe always changes my art, changes my perspective on things, leads me forward......... So why am I so apprehensive this time??? Don't you just hate the internal dialogue sometimes! That damn voice that will nnot shut-up! I know it's going to be great, and I know I will survive no matter what.....but still.....

For those who don't know, I've been living in my parents spare room for six long months without a studio, just a dining room table ......It's been a challenge on many levels. Some days it has felt like forever and some days its flown by. Making huge life changes in the last 2/3 years has seen my beautiful house sold, my furniture split, the small amount deemed mine put into a storage locker along with my precious artwork.... My life has done a complete turn-around. When you come from an affluent area and are surrounded by those who are the have's not the have-nots, it swallows you. I never fitted into this world. Coupled with coming out of an almost cult-like religious pentecostal 'situation', has been liberating to say the least. The world is a wonderful place full of amazing people - many of whom I have meet through Instagram. The colours of our world a many and varied, all playing off each other and making a beautiful piece of art. And as I write this, I realise those damn voices that tell me I'm not going to make it; the voices that fill me with self-doubt, can just stop - I'm not going to listen






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