Its been a while since I have blogged!!! Life with Covid has been so strange in a way but in another, for an artist who needs time alone, much the same!! My partner Ruud just made it into New Zealand by 12 hours before everything shut down - we were sooooo relieved. Now his visa has been extended until end September when he then will apply for a 2 year working visa......Our fingers and everything is crossed as we navigate the New Zealand immigration laws.

We have been busy on our little cottage and garden in Waihi, New Zealand. Its coming together and the next exciting adventure is getting a studio built to replace the rather 'rustic' shed we now have. With council by-laws changing we can have a lovely large studio to work in without bumping into each other!!!!

During lockdown, I have come to realise that I love love and have always loved loved geometric abstract. For some reason, I got away from this as I life sent me curve balls! But now being settled, having a clearer path forward, I am now finding my art rhythm - my palette - my direction. Its exciting, challenging and rewarding all at once!!

Carnival 2 - leading me forward!!

The old shed in the background - a certain charm but we need a bigger space!!!
Its a lovely place to re-charge

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