Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I am back!!! I am excited!!! After a fairly extreme 2019, I am very excited for 2020. In all aspects of my life!

This year, artwork is taking on a new direction. Gone will be the 'darkness'; the boxes covered in thread as my work apparently imitated my life. Things were covered over and protected and now, as I start a new life, I don't feel I need to do that quite so much! Isn't it so cool when you sit down and honestly and, sometimes painfully, address your 'intention', your drive even; the source of the energy you use to create - you can have such an epiphany! Well, friends, my year has begun with a new direction.... I am very excited to start exploring and interpreting, creating lighter, brighter works for you all to enjoy.

I always been interested in stained glass and the revelation that I can adapt my work and use this wonderful technique, has really excited me. Blocks of colour, bordered with dark lines is something I've always been attracted to. And pattern!!! And line!!! How have I forgotten these fundaments that I love and have loved throughout my art career. I am so enjoying creating smaller studies while I'm working in The Netherlands which will eventually lead me to much bigger works when I head back to Waihi in a month or so.

These little pieces are coming home with me down-under - they are not quite finished yet....I still have to stitch the paint on securely, but they are bright and breezy. A study in composition, line, negative space and, well, joy! And look at my lovely, new easel which swivels so I can stitch my works without 'flooring' it....although, to be honest, I do like 'flooring' it. My beautiful partner and fellow artist/designer/all round creative guy, surprised me at Christmas with it. It will be a well travelled easel as it is coming back to Waihi with me!

I read a wonderful quote which definitely inspired me with the above new works - you may have read it if you follow my insta account....

I hope that my work will be a 'flock of colours' that will 'awaken and delight'! This is a good place to start my new year!

Besides my artistic career, my partner and I are continuing to work on our permaculture garden and our wee miners cottage in Waihi. I am starting studying again soon - Garden Design and Permaculture. I am excited and look forward to having two feathers in my hat. Did I mention, I'm also hopefully exploring kids arts classes for little creatives......any thoughts peeps on this? My goal would be to offer a couple of few places to struggling families who kids would not normally be able to participate in a holiday programme. Wish me luck!

This year Ruud and I are also looking at the dreaded visa situation. Although we both love love travelling between the northern and southern hemispheres, doing this twice a year each is a bit much. We are going to attempt to see if Ruud can stay in NZ for a couple of years while we decide where we will settle. Fingers crossed this will work out. What a nightmare immigration forms are.........

There's always something right??? Do you sometimes think ffs how much more can fit in my head and how much more do I need to organise! When I get like this; when the clock ticks 3am and all the tabs are open in my mind again, I think on this.......

BEHIND YOU all your memories

BEFORE YOU all your dreams

AROUND YOU all who love you

WITHIN YOU all you need!

Well I'm off for a walk - fresh air to blast away the cobwebs.....before heading home for a glass (may two..... probably two), of a nice red wine.......My intent is to blog far more regularly ..... its my intent......

Love Lisa xx

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