Updated: Aug 1, 2019

It has been a while since I have been able to put my attention down and blog again. My move from Auckland city to the lovely countryside/beach town of Waihi is now finally complete. Was it stressful - oh hell yes..... I feel like I have not slept for months!!! It was so physically draining; something I wasn't prepared for. Just the moving of furniture, the constructing of furniture and all that drama really has knocked me! However HOWEVER......I'm here and couldn't be more happy with my decision to move away. Unfortunately, I have left behind two of my chickens - Poppy and Sebastian and that is quite difficult not being able to see them very often..... thank god for Whatsapp! My middle darling, Evie, lives in the UK with her love Scott and I am looking so forward to seeing them again when head back to Europe hopefully in October. I am happy I have this space for my kids to enjoy - somewhere they can come to get away from the stress of their lives.

Back to 'Little House". It is a teeny tiny miners cottage - a big difference from where I used to live but oh so welcomed. Every morning I wake up and say good morning little house, I am happy to be here! Boxes are still around but oh well, I will get there. I have 1000sq metres of land to play with and along with some much needed help from my honey, I am looking so forward to planting natives, fruit trees etc and having a wild, natural space to enjoy.

The one thing that is a little tricky is not having a studio at the mo.......oh but do I have plans!!!! My ancient shed - which for some reason I love......will be perfect. This restoration will take quite a while as you can tell from my photo but we are looking forward to how one day what we can create here, with the birds signing and the sun shining (or the frost crackling depending on the season of course).

"Little House Studio"...... I know but just imagine when its restored........

It is pretty dilapidated indeed, but it has potential and if I restore rather that pull down and council interference - and thats a good thing!!!

So I'm sitting in my little sitting room, in my very little house, looking out at my 'potential studio' and thinking it was so hard - bloody hard this decision to change my life, and its rocked me to my soul.....but now, but now I get to rebuild my life, I get to start again and I get to pour my soul into my work, into my new love and into those who are the most important things in the world to me!

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