Wow it has been a while since I have added to this blog..What can I say!! Life gets in the way sometimes. For those of you who don't know, the last couple of years has been a huge life-style change for me. I have stepped away from a relationship which was not healthy for me - it provided an amount of stability but I finally was brave enough to say I deserved unconditional love - I really do deserve it. This a new acknowledgement for me - I actually deserve it....I do!!!

As of today, I am the proud owner of a teeny tiny Miners Cottage in the beautiful beach town of Waihi, New Zealand. Although I won't live here full-time, (Europe calls strongly!!!), while I am there, I am looking so forward to being able to create and just be!!

It is alway a revelation to me (maybe it is to you too), how life can surprise you and I often wonder how the hell did I get here unscathed and, well still functioning lol. Despite the dramas and heart-ache of the last couple of years, I look back and say I am blessed. Blessed with the amazing people I have meet, the incredible opportunities that have come my way, and the love of sincere and real people who never cease to support and encourage brings me to tears. I feel brave..... I've never felt brave.....I feel deserving......I've never felt deserving and I feel loved.......truly loved unconditionally.


Here's the cottage - built in 1905 its a little bit of NZ history...

Miners Cottage
Soon there will be a studio in the garden....that will be a highlight!!!

On top of buying a new (old) house to call home, I have recently just completed the NZ Art Show in Wellington. This was indeed a learning curve for me! Because I have basically worked in Europe, it was interesting to see what the market wants in NZ....... I love abstract!!! I live and breathe abstract.....there is no other way to express myself except through non-objective art.....and I realise not everyone understands/appreciates/has a passion for abstract art...and thats OK. I had some amazing conversations with some incredible art was encouraging and now I am itching to get back to work!!! Its always exciting to sell work and to see people so happy to take a piece back to their home to enjoy for a life-time (hopefully!). This experience really made me realise that I love talking art to people. Hearing what they think, understanding what they see, (or not!), is so fabulous. I think in about 2 weeks my paintbrushes will finally come out of storage and I can go wild......YES!!!!!!!

The black walls threw me at first, but I got used to them. Unfortunately, the light was very far way but I think the foil still sparkled and captured some eyes!

Feeling contented ..... excited and nervous and happy and brave and full of anticipation.

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